Fish eggs

My friend F paints duck eggs. Not in the Easter/pagan sense of applying pigment to shell but in the canvas-on-easel oils-on-palette sense of depicting them. This bowl, these eggs, are not from her studio. They are in her kitchen. On her black work-surface against her black wall. Awaiting culinary rather than representational alchemy (in both disciplines F is an artist).

a bowl of duck eggs

I can utterly understand the obsession. (She’s painted quite a large number of different permutations of eggs.) Taking the photograph was exciting enough – the textures, the colours, the subtle gradations of hue, the shapes, the way the light fell on and thereby changed all these things. And all I did was twiddle a couple of knobs, position the camera and click the shutter. Imagine the challenge, the possibilities of building up an image from nothing.

It is F’s birthday today. She is one of eleven pisceans sufficiently near and dear to have their birthdays entered in my calendar, the first of whom (February 21st) is 1st son and last of whom is me.

Are pisceans reputed to get on particularly well together? or is this bulge (yes, it’s far and away the biggest clump of nearest-and-dearest birthdays, I went through the aforementioned calendar to check it wasn’t merely “I’m a piscean” bias), is this bulge (I restate since the previous parenthesis was so long you might have forgotten the original question), a statistical anomaly?

Anyway, the explanation, should one ever conclusively be demonstrated, matters not at all. I merely wish to celebrate and salute my fishy sistren and brethren.

(And for the terrier-fancying fish among us – yes, that means you, Fresca – there are more pictures of the lovely Maizy from yesterday’s impromptu photo-shoot here, here and here.)

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  1. What a beautiful photo, Lady P! At first I thought that lovely blue stamp was done by your friend but I suppose that’s the egg distributor’s? Does she have a website, her work sounds wonderful. As for Pisceans, my dearest half is another one!

  2. Maizy’s perfection is like getting walloped with a tuna of wonderfulness… (I think that simile didn’t *quite* work… but I was thinking of these great silver beasts I saw in the fish markets in Sicily… getting walloped by one would really take your breath away.)

    It’s funny how beloveds’ birthdays tend to clump up and there are times you are sending oodles of cards out and then long stretches of birthday wasteland. I must ask my astrologer friend about Pisces– do fish flock together, more than other signs?

  3. I can never bring myself to accept the astrological worldview, but am beginning to think that perhaps conditions peculiar to the time of year in which the egg was fertilized – in our case, the merry months of May and June – play some kind of role in determining one’s psychological makeup.

  4. How lovely to be surrounded by beautiful, enigmatic soulful Fish………I yearn for Fish. I’m surrounded by a house and familyful of thrusty competative Rams shouting ‘follow me’ and ‘who’s running this show’…death or glory, now or never, all or nothing…..very tiring! Much Love xxxx

  5. Lovely eggs, lovely post. I’ve had an on and off poetry thing on eggs. Marvelous creations. Adding those marks is clever.

    I’m thinking I must have just missed, or am close to sending you birthday greetings. Hope you’ll swing by some place I hang out and say hello and let me say my well-wishes. Your voice is missed.

  6. Fresca, I think the analogy is a good one. Tuna are themselves both ferocious and delicious 🙂

    M-L – she doesn’t have a website, yet. It’s something she wants to remedy, soon. And yours is one of the artists’ sites I’ve recommended she have a look at.

    Dave, I seem to recall my father talking about their being some financial advantage to producing children near the end of the tax year (which starts on 1 April). Since my brother and I were born five days apart in the second half of March I always believed this as the reason but, in retrospect, it might have been one of his little “jokes”.

    Hi Kirsty! My brother was a ram although his birthday was only five days after mine. I’m not sure I ever really knew him well enough to have suffered too much under the onslaught of death and glory.

    Deb – an egg poem! what a great idea. I’ve actually been feeling very like a yolk-sac myself of late having been entirely taken up with looking after sick children who, when ill, appear to revert to the assumption that their parent has no other function, meaning or purpose other than to tend, 24/7, to their every need and whim.

  7. Ah, if you were born within 5 days of Aries, it must be your birthday ’round about now. So, Happy Happy Birthday, fish grrrl! May you flash like a wild tuna in the sea, far from the nets all year long. And longer.

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