maizy is an hairy dog

I love this picture of Maizy, snatched today in one of the nano-seconds she’s actually still whilst not also being asleep. The near-palpable quivering intensity of focus in that gaze. The fact that under that utterly undisarming dishevellement of bristling fur there are undoubtedly fangs.

She is nothing if not ferocious. She hunts and kills, ferociously. She guards, ferociously. She loves, ferociously. Me. It was, after all, what she was acquired to do. She follows me around the house. When I sit to meditate and shut her out she curls with a thump against the door and wedges her nose next to the gap. I can hear the sound of her breathing from the other side of the room.

I need her ferocity, her tenacity more than usual at the moment, more than I can say and for reasons I’m hardly capable of explaining.

But, by a sleight of iTunesmancy, I can put forward the following:

I suggest a volume of ear-bleed-inducing intensity.

6 Replies to “Ferox”

  1. Fierce!!! Love!!! Dog!!!
    The sun has entered Pisces now, and we watery things may need some fierceness to anchor us in the sea. Hold on.

  2. Jean, I *love* that book and those pictures! but some of the stories are so very sad. I see what you mean – it’s mostly in the eyes.

    I was once, memorably (to me), described as ferocious – “attention, elle est féroce” in a muttered undertone by some flunky who didn’t realise I could either hear or understand French to some self-important person about to be interviewed. I savoured the moment as a sort of testimonial. However I realise that most if not all of my ferocity is that of a creature at bay, beseiged, beleagured, cornered, nowhere to go.

    Fresca – I thought of you, as I think of you every time I write about Maizy 🙂 Thank goodness for the great shoal of fishes with which I am surrounded, scales glinting in the sun.

  3. I’m not a dog person, but any canine called Maizy (even with that spelling!) has got to be in a different league.

    Great clip too. Well worth a bit of ear-bleed.

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