In the teeth 'o the week

  • Poor boys. A stark choice. To be seen in public in a mummy hat (#knitting) or a mummy haircut, the school-return shearing (#humiliating). #
  • So cold and crisp the dog’s pee sits in a puddle on the earth and when we return later has frozen in a gleaming lattice of crystals. #
  • Ok, I know I’m slow off the mark, but… Picasa for Mac! w0000t!! #
  • Note to self: keep copy of #knitting improvisations on hard drive. Ravelry is v seldom down but *will* be so when notes are urgently needed. #
  • Weary with cold. Venturing out to investigate insulating curtain type material. Because yes, we have only two sets of curtains in the house. #
  • Marveling at the fact that *all* the yarn in the sale is the colour of baby shit. And awaiting @pixeldiva for synchronised marveling #
  • Lines of the day: “long and wanky with hyperactive drums” and “pissflaps”. The latter is, I’m told, Glaswegian. Nuff said. And so to bed. #
  • Mounting expedition to mall. Be still my beating heart. (But having a panic attack is a perfectly reasonable response to going to a mall.) #
  • Want to get rid of the land line (budget cut) but how would I find my mobile? Had to ring it (yet again) today – it was deep in a bookcase. #
  • Under the motorway intersection a blossom of broken hubcaps bears a single fruit. A large pomegranate glows pink in the grey, blasted grass. #
  • Where the pissflap have I put my hammer drill? Three curtains, three blinds and no pissflapping way of putting them up. Pissflaps. #
  • Son1’s homework: “Write about the suffering of the people of Gaza”. He’s 13. Is that old enough to know such horror? what man does to child? #
  • Seeking a saw in the shed to cut back a butterfly bush blocking the shed I disturb a peacock butterfly hibernating on the teeth of the saw. #
  • Found drill in shed. Battery corroded, won’t charge. Buying new drill online. A girl without a drill is like uh… ah! a man without a dick. #
  • The US jails an African torturer for 97 years – – but what does it do to Americans who torture? Double standards. #
  • It’s so cold I get into bed with my clothes on. Perhaps I should have sewn myself into them, Inuit-style, at the onset of winter. #
  • Tiny white motes hover dust-like in the air, too small for flakes, but sufficient have settled to look like snow. #
  • I know a bad worker blames her tools but using a tree-felling saw to trim tiny furniture fittings to millimetre tolerances is… challenging #
  • Stripes of neon orange and pink blaze across the horizon. Above, pink is layered with blue. A sunrise so saturated it looks photoshopped. #
  • Wondering why appreciable numbers of dents fail to appear on #twhirl. Is it an #identica problem or a #twhirl problem? #

3 Replies to “In the teeth 'o the week”

  1. Have you got a new drill yet?
    A friend of mine suffered badly over the summer told me the only thing that made her want to live was using her power drill.

    Have the Samaritans put this lifesaver in their training tips?

  2. I remember a friend in Gloucestershire showing the scan of her unborn child to her dad, who said ” Well, either that’s a boy or those are the bigest pair of pissflaps I’ve ever seen.”

    Picasa on Mac is one less reason not to go over…

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