Even witches had ducking stools

We interrupt what appears to be an unplanned blog writing, reading and commenting hiatus for this important message:

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

Of course this policy does have fringe benefits, or at least to New Zealand bloggers. Should I be such a one, and, for whatever reason, be unimpressed by the cut of the jib of another, all I have to do to have their jib erased from sight is point an accusatory finger and *pow* – blackout. No questions asked. A licence to kill. Without even paying the assassin.

(Actually I’m mostly hanging out on tumblr at the moment as a by-product of Dave‘s latest babe Open Micro about which I wanted to write properly but haven’t but figure very few people read here who don’t already read him but for that highly select audience please visit and join in too if the spirit moves it’s great fun.)

(Oh and I’ve had a blog post in draft on the subject of “recovery” since hmm October last year and I spiked the dermal digest because the plugin was borked and spawned incontinently and besides there were too many dents in each egg-case.)

(Yes, I think that’s it. For the nonce.)

In the teeth 'o the week

  • Grizzling – grey sky, drizzling rain. A dismal day. The cat, refused a lap, burrows into the laundry. The dog curled tight, nose under tail. #
  • Laconistic: adjective (of a person [cf #laconicat], speech or style of writing) using no more than #140 open source characters. #
  • Interested in how identi.ca is partially replacing RSS reader thanks to @bbcnews, @arstechnica etc. Different feeds for different needs. #
  • Pearly-grey day. A silvered ambience, the promise of light beyond the cloud. Amazing what a few extra candela – http://is.gd/fGMf – can do. #
  • I’m cold and the dog is farting – noisy and noisome – at my feet. Not close enough to warm them up. Not far enough away to prevent nausea. #
  • Thick fog, cold grey suffocation of ear and eye. A crow on the roof a blurred smudge, rasp and croak of its caw softened by indistinction. #
  • Retweeting @bbcworld: Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip pass 1,000, medical sources in Gaza say http://tinyurl.com/axswt5 #
  • Redenting @bbcworld: Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip pass 1,000, medical sources in Gaza say http://tinyurl.com/axswt5 #
  • Retweeting @wfisrael: Petition to change: http://withdrawfromisrael.org/ – world leaders should withdraw their ambassadors from Israel. #
  • (For laconicats) @wfisrael: Petition to change http://withdrawfromisrael.org/ – world leaders should withdraw their ambassadors from Israel. #
  • My bottle of beer (to go with the curry, of course, it’s illegal not to have beer with curry) has a badge on it saying (…cont) #
  • (…cont) “Protected Geographcal Indication” – http://is.gd/fTe4 Take that! piss-poor US Budweiser. Hurrah! for the Czech original. #
  • Glid – sunshine between showers. TS Eliot #Poetry Prize winner: http://is.gd/fXPp (and a black-coffee-bitter comment.) #
  • The flock of pigeons, black against grey, swoops inches above us; air muffled-squeaking at its beating on the barbs of their wings. #
  • The dog has licked the cayenne I sprinkled on the doormat to stop the cat from peeing there. I forgive her. The deed is punishment enough. #
  • So much cleaning has been done even the laptop’s been hoovered. And the printer. The performance of neither appears impaired. Nor improved. #
  • Feeling unexpectedly nationalistic – http://is.gd/g2ZI – I’m a heavy user of the first four. Never heard of the fifth. (Via the third.) #
  • Lines of the day: “It’s easier than eve” (wasn’t it predestined?) and “that followship number”. Identi.ca – the followship of the dent. #
  • #Cows on Mars? http://ping.fm/uEN4Z Oh yes, I think so. #
  • Being the taxi service for two children is even more, er, taxing than usual when the conveyance in question is a bicycle. #
  • Nearly ran over a fox in the dark on the way home. On my bike. It just stood and stared, arrogantly, as I politely made a detour round it. #
  • Wind-flung rain snatched from dark sky rattles on the window like shaken seeds in a dry gourd, the familiar comforting percussion of winter. #
  • And now? The sky so clear, so bright that “washed clean” doesn’t come close. Exfoliated, maybe. Possibly even laser-peeled. Refulgent. #
  • Advantages to cycling when drunk: 1 don’t feel the cold; 2 can’t be breathalyzed (in England); 3 relaxed state when hitting the ground. #

In the teeth 'o the week

  • Poor boys. A stark choice. To be seen in public in a mummy hat (#knitting) or a mummy haircut, the school-return shearing (#humiliating). #
  • So cold and crisp the dog’s pee sits in a puddle on the earth and when we return later has frozen in a gleaming lattice of crystals. #
  • Ok, I know I’m slow off the mark, but… Picasa for Mac! w0000t!! http://ping.fm/6BuvF #
  • Note to self: keep copy of #knitting improvisations on hard drive. Ravelry is v seldom down but *will* be so when notes are urgently needed. #
  • Weary with cold. Venturing out to investigate insulating curtain type material. Because yes, we have only two sets of curtains in the house. #
  • Marveling at the fact that *all* the yarn in the sale is the colour of baby shit. And awaiting @pixeldiva for synchronised marveling #
  • Lines of the day: “long and wanky with hyperactive drums” and “pissflaps”. The latter is, I’m told, Glaswegian. Nuff said. And so to bed. #
  • Mounting expedition to mall. Be still my beating heart. (But having a panic attack is a perfectly reasonable response to going to a mall.) #
  • Want to get rid of the land line (budget cut) but how would I find my mobile? Had to ring it (yet again) today – it was deep in a bookcase. #
  • Under the motorway intersection a blossom of broken hubcaps bears a single fruit. A large pomegranate glows pink in the grey, blasted grass. #
  • Where the pissflap have I put my hammer drill? Three curtains, three blinds and no pissflapping way of putting them up. Pissflaps. #
  • Son1’s homework: “Write about the suffering of the people of Gaza”. He’s 13. Is that old enough to know such horror? what man does to child? #
  • Seeking a saw in the shed to cut back a butterfly bush blocking the shed I disturb a peacock butterfly hibernating on the teeth of the saw. #
  • Found drill in shed. Battery corroded, won’t charge. Buying new drill online. A girl without a drill is like uh… ah! a man without a dick. #
  • The US jails an African torturer for 97 years – http://ping.fm/2tb7x – but what does it do to Americans who torture? Double standards. #
  • It’s so cold I get into bed with my clothes on. Perhaps I should have sewn myself into them, Inuit-style, at the onset of winter. #
  • Tiny white motes hover dust-like in the air, too small for flakes, but sufficient have settled to look like snow. #
  • I know a bad worker blames her tools but using a tree-felling saw to trim tiny furniture fittings to millimetre tolerances is… challenging #
  • Stripes of neon orange and pink blaze across the horizon. Above, pink is layered with blue. A sunrise so saturated it looks photoshopped. #
  • Wondering why appreciable numbers of dents fail to appear on #twhirl. Is it an #identica problem or a #twhirl problem? #

Small is, of course, beautiful

I think I’ve become a microblogger. Either that or I’ve got 140 characters < block (more than 140 characters and I have nothing to say, although of course this post is disproving that; but it’s the exception that proves the rule and, let’s face it, there are probably only 140 characters in this worth reading).

The above link is to identi.ca because I much prefer the community but there are still some cool dudes who (inexplicably) only hang out on twitter so I cross-post there.

So, in the absence of meatier matter of words I’ve set up a weekly digest of dents (identi.ca version of twitter’s tweets) which, if the plugin and my programming thereof work, should appear on a Sunday evening under the category “dermal denticles” because it’s a summary of the abrasive surface of life. (And because ever since labelling drawings of dissected dogfish in biology lessons at school I’ve loved the sound of the phrase “dermal denticles”.)

And while I’m venturing into the complexities (comparatively speaking, of course) of a fully-blown blog interface here are a couple of pictures which I took today and which, entirely coincidentally, both fall neatly into the strictures of this week’s Photo Friday challenge, ‘White’ (which I first clocked at Maria‘s).

outside macdonalds

In London the white dove comes pre-smirched with feral grey. But are you surprised when you see the Stygian stream from which it drinks? (That’s 137 characters btw.)

moon snooker

The pollarded stumps of the plane tree line up like cues to strike the white ball of the moon. (95 characters.)

Yup, my photographs are dents too.

(This post was powered by white wine, possibly to excess. Editing may take place in the bright white wineless light of morning.)