Small is, of course, beautiful

I think I’ve become a microblogger. Either that or I’ve got 140 characters < block (more than 140 characters and I have nothing to say, although of course this post is disproving that; but it’s the exception that proves the rule and, let’s face it, there are probably only 140 characters in this worth reading).

The above link is to because I much prefer the community but there are still some cool dudes who (inexplicably) only hang out on twitter so I cross-post there.

So, in the absence of meatier matter of words I’ve set up a weekly digest of dents ( version of twitter’s tweets) which, if the plugin and my programming thereof work, should appear on a Sunday evening under the category “dermal denticles” because it’s a summary of the abrasive surface of life. (And because ever since labelling drawings of dissected dogfish in biology lessons at school I’ve loved the sound of the phrase “dermal denticles”.)

And while I’m venturing into the complexities (comparatively speaking, of course) of a fully-blown blog interface here are a couple of pictures which I took today and which, entirely coincidentally, both fall neatly into the strictures of this week’s Photo Friday challenge, ‘White’ (which I first clocked at Maria‘s).

outside macdonalds

In London the white dove comes pre-smirched with feral grey. But are you surprised when you see the Stygian stream from which it drinks? (That’s 137 characters btw.)

moon snooker

The pollarded stumps of the plane tree line up like cues to strike the white ball of the moon. (95 characters.)

Yup, my photographs are dents too.

(This post was powered by white wine, possibly to excess. Editing may take place in the bright white wineless light of morning.)

7 Replies to “Small is, of course, beautiful”

  1. There must be something in the air, because I have been pondering a move to microblogging lately and keeping the blog for the occasional deeper look at something that requires some level of “annotation” and references. And, of course, for the photos, though I did shell out for a pro account again on Flickr.

  2. I’m so glad of your presence at Identica – your dents are a real addition to the conversation there.

    What plugin will you be using?

  3. Thanks Annette and Dick.

    It’s fun, maria! I know you’re on twitter but I recommend as being a smaller, tighter community.

    Rosie, it’s very therapeutic and although decent wool is expensive it’s a great deal less than a shrink *and* you get a garment out of it.

    Dave, you’re very kind. The plugin which, as you observed, took its duties rather over-seriously, is twitter tools by Alex King. It’s highly customisable, no, really. I needed to reset it to stop it publishing near-minutely versions. I think. Well, it’s stopped lining up posts scheduled to post at least. Let’s see what happens next Sunday.

    There’s an clone but it doesn’t appear to have much support as yet.

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