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  1. According to Twitter, you had more visceral reasons to be sick. I’m delighted that this was a more aesthetic reaction.

  2. Are you on twitter now? or merely observing my tweets in the sidebar? I didn’t even have a hint of a hangover the next morning which I thought was pretty amazing.

  3. For the record, I had nothing to do with that. Well, not in any substantial way. I was there. But I didn’t participate. At least not actively. Err, emm, ….
    I’m sorry.

  4. Wayne!! I could just *sense* you in that video. Ok so you weren’t in shot but there’s no way, I thought to myself, that Wayne didn’t have something to do with this. That must have been the reason I didn’t actually hurl!

    I want to know *all* about it. How many people, for instance, got bitten in the making of that video?

    So at last a link to your blog. How very very excellent. And you’ve been posting away without my knowing. I have you on my blogroll now, there is no escape 🙂

  5. Hi! There is one clip of hands working (just before the daughters appear in the Lincoln Bedroom) that may be me. I paused the video, stared at the hands but I’m still unsure if they’re mine. I do know that a WH camera was stuck in front of me while I was working for about 8 minutes and I had to keep doing the same hand movements over and over so they could get their shot. A lot of that was filmed the Sunday after Thanksgiving so we (the decorators) were there but not really shown. I suppose when you have the likes of Mr. Blair volunteering to appear, us unknowns are destined for the cutting room floor. But I also noticed that the BBC is actually showing an edited version. That’s right, there is a longer version available at whitehouse.gov. It includes rather bizarre appearances by some cabinet members (and even more bizarrely, country music star Alan Jackson.) There are also more shots of the mysterious hands and the decorations those hands completed. I just put up a bunch of pictures of the decorations on my flickr page which might be easier to stomach. http://www.flickr.com/photos/b_wayne/sets/72157603466724836/

    As far as I know, there were no bites. However, I can attest to the fact that there was lots of barking and even the occasional growl, snarl and baring of teeth. The older dog is really quite ornery but I suppose I would be too if forced to star in that video.

    And yes, the status of the blog changed from dead to inactive but I have very little idea what to do with it. (Which has always been the problem.) I was intending to chronicle my move and new job but that hasn’t happened yet (maybe January??) We’ll see.

    But right now, I have seen the crumpets and poached eggs mentioned on the right and must fix something for breakfast!

  6. I don’t believe that Barney/Bush/Blair video. I refuse to believe it. If it’s real then America is in a worse state than anyone imagines.

  7. Oh, it’s real. And yes, we (the US) are in exactly the state you fear. I suppose it will be even more difficult to believe but this is actually the sixth year this Barney film has been made.

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