Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

Or, to put it another way, know that Macfrizz was from her womb-like van untimely ripped.

Or, to be entirely clear about the matter, the garage man phoned to tell me the van had failed its MOT and it would cost at least £600 to bodge a solution to get it to pass, a grand minimum to do the work properly. Cause of death: all four jacking points rusted out.

Time of death: 16:16. I saw it clearly on the digital clock on the stove as before the figures blurred as my eyes filled with tears. I cannot, of course, afford either of those sums. So no more van.

Date of death: 14:12:07.

I loved my van.

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  1. I’ve just come back from a long appointment with the consultant (aka the garage owner), who is a van fanatic. He is going to have his top surgeon (aka his welder) cut back through the rust to see the exact scale of the problem. Because it can’t be accurately gauged without doing so.

    Then will come decision time. Either it’s *such* a rust-bucket that there’s nothing to be done and he’ll take it off my hands for a hundred quid or so and renovate it lovingly over a period of six months or so at the cost of about ten grand and sell it for more, no doubt. Or it’s sufficiently unbad for us to embark upon a process of long-term make-do and mend. So Duchess (as she is known) is currently still on life-support.

    TG – unfortunately I fear even the act of asking would be severely counter-productive. And he has a friend who scans this blog on a near daily basis for any reference to him. Which is unpleasantly stalkerish. (Hi there! you know who you are.) However I must put on record that the £100 of food vouchers I have received from him to date have been immensely helpful and I’m very grateful.

  2. If you write a letter quickly to Santa, do you think he may be able to fix it? I hear his elves are pretty good with a hammer and chisel.

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