8 Replies to “Double negative”

  1. Damn, I like this b&w series even better than your color photos from yesterday. (And of course talk about negatives being positive always floats my boat!)

  2. Thank you, thank you 🙂 Is it right up your Via, Dave? m-l, I have a confession to make. These weren’t taken with the DSLR but with a small and ancient point-and-shoot which I found, of all places, amongst my knitting wool stash. And yes, I too had great difficulty in getting it to focus on the bit *I* wanted to look at rather some other random thing the camera appeared to find more interesting. I had dropped it into my bag and left the big (heavy) camera behind. I was beginning to feel a bit of an idiot walking to and from the school gate with a great big camera draped about my person but I suppose it’s something I’ll have to get over since the small one doesn’t do what I ask it to.

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful, and so were the others.
    Re feeling an idiot with big camera, forget it, strut your big camera stuff and care not what others think. In fact they’ll probably be impressed and think you’re a proper photographer which you are.

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