Double negative

beautiful bin

I think I’ve never looked properly at frost before.


I love the way it turns the world inside out.

white line

Writing in lines of white where shadows were.

frosty bin

Light and cold. Dark and heat.


A double negative is a positive.

The second frost of autumn

Frost was thick on the windscreen and windows this morning. Scraping with the schoolbag left only swooping slits of visibility unaffected by the swish of the wipers. There is, of course, no form of heating in the van.

We crawled cautiously, semi-sighted, across junctions and around corners until, on the slope by the park, we turned head on toward the sun. That first lick of low light was enough to temper the ice which now slid softly sideways under the rhythm of the blades.

“Look!” exclaimed secondspawn, “I’ve never seen the windscreen so clear. It’s like it’s not there at all.”