A light mist pearled the morning.


No surface was exempt from damp fingers.

mrs dropple

Small drops drained together to collect in hidden places.


Leaves layered gold on gold.


Where no leaves were, an alien form with a heart-shaped handle flapped from a branch.


Despite earlier frosts some flowers just can’t give up, thrusting new petals from the brown carapace of the newly blighted.

thrusting rose

Poor Maizy was much troubled by the vile and verminous tree-rats who flicked their tails contemptuously in her face as she, leashed as bye-laws require, barked choked and goggle-eyed threats of violent death.

4 Replies to “Deliquescence”

  1. Lovely photos, but I wish to lodge a complaint. The topmost Google ad just now reads “Afghanistan Sex.” I click on it, and find myself on an aggregator page for other ads, AfghanSingles. Some of those ads lead to personals, and some of them lead to Afghans – the kind you put on the back of a chair – which apparently come in single and double sizes. Nowhere do I see personal ads from Afghanis, much less salacious depictions of Afghanis making more Afghanis. This is, needless to say, a huge disappointment.

  2. Thank you! It’s the macro lens that is responsible.

    Dave, thanks for alerting me to the inferior quality of one of my ads. I have made sure to remove it since it clearly violated the trades’ descriptions act.

  3. Well I had fun studying the chicken coop kit adverts after the one about secondborn having less room than a chicken…
    These pictures are gaspworthy.

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