Nameless Cat is no more

No, he has not died of starvation or indeed any other ailment, self-inflicted or otherwise.

He has… a name!

Since his appetite returned in spectacular fashion (and for all you anxious googlers concerned about anorexic cats the sure-fire remedy is sardines tinned in tomato sauce – the flavour of sauce is very important – and most vets have large quantities about their premises apparently), Cat has very quickly become – gasp – overweight. Or so said the vet when I took both creatures for their jabs and she weighed them.


The reason for this incipient obesity is probably Cat’s major carbohydrate cravings. The other day he demolished most of a french stick, bread being one of his favourites. But he also likes sweet things, particularly cake. A swiss roll was massacred recently but not as devastatingly as yesterday’s cherry and walnut cake.

Herein lies the genesis of the name. What else can one call a cat who, if there is no bread deigns to eat cake, other than Mario Antoinette. Mario for short.

And while we accustom him to his new handle we’re calling him Mario Kat.