That was quick – the test was only a couple of days ago.

The measure we used during the study was the Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility and is one of the most reliable and widely used measure of hypnotisability. The scores range from 0 (least hypnotisable) to 12 (most hypnotisable).

You scored 11, which puts you in the high hypnotisable range.

Please note that hypnotisability has no relation to gullibility (being fooled), giving in to being pressured by others (conformity), or believing unusual things. In fact people who are high hypnotisable have been found to have better attention and concentration than others.

So, do I fancy further guinea piggery?

Hmmm. Let me think about it.

For a picosecond or two.

3 Replies to “Hypnofrabjous!”

  1. Heh, I was right! I thought what you described did not mean you weren’t highly hypnotisable. The little I know about this emphasises that being hypnotised does NOT mean complete loss of awareness. Maybe your mindfulness training just made you a bit more aware of the part of your mind that remained aware…

  2. A therapist once taught me self-hypnosis. I never really use it except when taking off in a plane, which I do fairly often, so I know I can still do it. I imagine, though, that it is not dissimilar to meditation — or at least the result takes you to a different plane, not alien, but not the norm.

    I’m very pleased you scored so high and agree with Jean that your mindfulness training may have helped here.

  3. Apparently it’s genetic. So either my father or (shudder) my mother is probably more responsible than my mindfulness, such as it is. Maybe the latter is enhanced by the former. Who knows 🙂

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