more lichen

on the earth is dumped the pure and the impure, excreta, urine, saliva, pus, blood, the earth does not loathe those, in the same manner develop a mind similar to earth. When you develop a mind similar to earth, arisen contacts of like and dislike do not take hold of the mind and stay.

9 Replies to “Illimitabilityness”

  1. That’s all well and goood, but don’t fall off your stool!! Hiya bunk-buddy!!

  2. Hiya dormy! falling off stools is what I do best, apart, of course, from snoring. How are you doing? There are more pictures here but probably too many really to take in.

    To all others… I’ve been meditating on Holy Island and am… recompressing I suppose is the most accurate term. It was brilliant.

  3. I had a look. The shapes and textures are amazing, what an unusual eye you have….but I also loved the one of Sophie and Amamada – how beautiful they both are. I am also recompressing and scary behind the wheel of a car!

  4. Just viewed the whole set of photos. Rivetingly beautiful – the new camera is a success!! If you’re not a ‘proper’ photographer now, you never will be…

  5. You are not alone in the snoring section. A certain police officer told me that I snored so loudly the first night that he felt vibrations through the wooden floor. I was certain the only snoring on our side was coming from someone to my left. However, it is now clear that there were at least two of us snoring that night. I was so mortified that I have been unable to even discuss it until now in relative anonymity.

  6. Ha! Wayne… you have let the snore out of the bag. I was referring to the all-night sit during which I not only fell off my stool but also apparently managed to snore while sitting upright. Nobody mentioned whether I snored in the dorm, obviously not being officers of the law they were too polite to mention it if I did. However the talking and thrashing around which accompanied a violent and furious nightmare was probably more than enough to be going on with on the disturbance front.

    Kirsty, they are soooo beautiful aren’t they. The same is true of you although I prefer Jurgen’s pictures of you to mine.

    Tall Girl… thanks 🙂 and you are definitely a proper poet.

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