Our echoes roll from soul to soul, And grow forever and forever.



rotting wood

Hmm. I remembered it as “Our ashes roll from soul to soul, And go on for ever and ever.” Given that I planned to have this tattooed somewhere I need to rethink which I prefer. Or just rethink. Maybe it should be the ouroboros snake with a mobius twist in the shape of the infinity symbol after all.

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  1. I prefer “our echoes” to “our ashes,” but tattoo-wise would probably opt for the symbol over the words anyhow. πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful photos, rr – had a look at them all! What an eye!

    Tennyson was my favourite poet in my teen years. Haven’t read this in a LONG time but it’s so familiar.

  3. Thanks all. That leaf was amazing. It appeared to have turned to a jelly-like substance adhering to the stone and was entirely transparent. I’m glad the new camera is showing its worth – it’s got a really good lens on it too.

  4. They are fantastic. (been thinking about moody old Tennyson lately too)I thought the leaf must be a fossil…
    Glad to hear about Holy Island.

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