Our echoes roll from soul to soul, And grow forever and forever.



rotting wood

Hmm. I remembered it as “Our ashes roll from soul to soul, And go on for ever and ever.” Given that I planned to have this tattooed somewhere I need to rethink which I prefer. Or just rethink. Maybe it should be the ouroboros snake with a mobius twist in the shape of the infinity symbol after all.

6 Replies to “Reintegration”

  1. I prefer “our echoes” to “our ashes,” but tattoo-wise would probably opt for the symbol over the words anyhow. πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful photos, rr – had a look at them all! What an eye!

    Tennyson was my favourite poet in my teen years. Haven’t read this in a LONG time but it’s so familiar.

  3. That top photo, in particular, had me looking and looking. Really beautiful and totally surprising.

  4. Thanks all. That leaf was amazing. It appeared to have turned to a jelly-like substance adhering to the stone and was entirely transparent. I’m glad the new camera is showing its worth – it’s got a really good lens on it too.

  5. They are fantastic. (been thinking about moody old Tennyson lately too)I thought the leaf must be a fossil…
    Glad to hear about Holy Island.

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