I am, I freely admit, absolutely potty.


I should really draw a veil over the subject.

spring gauze

But there’s no getting away from it.


I have bought a new camera.


Put it next to something so I can see how small it is, she said. The cat! she said.

It is absolutely tiny, like my hands. And so are the lenses. I took a 4″ handheld shot which included the clock on my desk and so small and light is it that there’s very little shake and the clock’s second hand can be seen equally in each of the four second positions.

I’m selling my old body to pay for most of it. (Yeah yeah very funny. NOT.) But actually it’s just sheer irresponsible self-indulgent retail therapy at its most hedonistic.

Up far too late again, very tired but floating on the gadget love boat.

4 Replies to “Potty”

  1. Mazeltov. I wish you well to use it. I have downgraded from my nikon to my phone camera out of laziness. Now I want a fab phone camera. I think it’s an odd phase when changing cameras. Raises questions about how to be changed by the kit.

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