Pass the sick bag, Alice

(And for those who don’t know, as I didn’t, the origin of the above endearing expression, it was apparently a catch-phrase of former newspaper editor Sir John Junor. From the same source we discover that “here’s one I made earlier” is from Blue Peter, where blogging is hot, not Fanny Craddock as might have been the case. Another mystery solved.)

Anyway, enough of this quick tour of the murkier quirks of British culture of the second half of the last century and back to current cuteness.

Today the sleep deficit caught up, we all overslept and there was more-than-usual chaos in the house. And there was a deadline very very close.

This is all by way of explaining why so much of the morning was spent on the bed in a dressing gown with the creatures. I was working, frantically, on the laptop. I failed to shut the bedroom door. They infiltrated and, it being cold and the laptop hotter than any radiator, moved in. Together.

Obviously the camera was to hand. And every now and then, when the files took entire minutes to save or the internet was broken, there was enough time to take a quick picture of the cutesome twosome.

And the pictures are by way of attempting to convince various visitors to the house who have witnessed Maizy clamping the cat’s head in her jaws and dragging him across the floor whilst emitting sounds which resemble death-curdling growling (but are obviously meant in a very kind and caring way) that the two do really get on very well together. Displaying cuteness so cute you might need a bucket.

Unfortunately every time I shifted position Maizy would wake instantly and spring to attention thereby significantly reducing the cuteness quotient. Stealth was required, and no flash.

It’s also an excuse to use this fantastic little widgety thing called PictoBrowser which comes live and direct via the Via, the Via Negativa, where Dave has used it to make a breathtaking display of his favourite pictures. He’s also explained all its exciting mouseover features which is another really good reason to visit.

For those with a stomach strong enough for blurry soft focus pet pics the cuteness slideshow is below the fold.

13 Replies to “Pass the sick bag, Alice”

  1. I sense you’re still a little punchy (do you use that expression over there?) — you repeated the PictoBroser link in the text, and the link for VN is a via ineffectiva.

  2. O.K., this is weird — my keyboard just froze up and I couldn’t finish that last comment. Just wanted to add that, despite their appalling cuteness, some of these photos are really effective, especially the last one.

  3. Punchy? no idea what that is. Do you mean “paunchy”? That’d be true certainly. Sorry about the link, fixing it.

    The last picture in the set was actually taken ages ago but yes, it’s still the best.

    Turquoise is my favourite colour hence the bedspread – and it shows both critters off to maximum advantage.

  4. “Punchy” means giddy from exhaustion to the point of silliness.

    The second link still isn’t fixed, BTW.

    With both comments yesterday, I found that I was unable to type further after playing with the pictobrowser. So let me see if that happens a third time…

  5. How bizarre, yes, same for me re pictobrowser freezing comment. I suppose someone might wish to know about this but who? WP or pictobrowser? or both? Refreshing the page enables the comment box again but presumably (I didn’t test this) everything you’ve already written disappears if you do so.

    The dark bluey-green colour, btw, is my 20-year-old towelling dressing gown.

  6. I can’t test it on my own site since I don’t have comments on non-chron pages. It does seem designed for pages rather than posts, though aside from this bizarre problem with commenting, I do like it better than the various slideshow widgets I’ve seen. I don’t like it when images change without my active participation, and I have to intervene to arrest the flow – i feel like I’m being hurried along.

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