Pink and orange weekend

Two colours I like very much together.

Sunday was pink,

wet flowers

Saturday was orange.

night park

Yes it’s ridiculously late but I have achieved much. And I might have a nap tomorrow.

5 Replies to “Pink and orange weekend”

  1. Are those camellias?!! Blooming in London right now? My early ones usually open in January but it’s been so cold they’re still not open. Love the night shot, rr!

  2. Lark to owl, two hours later I was up and on-line! Gorgeous pictures ( of course ). Yesterday I was photographing dropped camellias among celandine, haven’t looked at them yet…

  3. Twit twooooo!

    I’ve got no idea what those flowers are called but yes, they’re out. Quite a lot of them. And the blossom trees.

    Glad you like the orange. I find sodium light so interesting, but difficult to convey.

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