Playing with the moon

It was up in the afternoon, a gleaming crescent basking in the spring-like sunshine.


Semi-sprawling semi-crouching over the bonnet of a car got it aligned with the calliper branches of the tree above. It took several attempts to get the picture right. Then again in a different position, wedged between a phone junction box and a lamppost, to get it reaching to cup a bauble.

moon under bauble

A beautiful day. Low gentle sun and blossom erupting everywhere. Someone (not me) threw away my bunch of tulips not realising their huge beauty and the beauty still to come. Luckily a neighbour had shared their own bunch of spring flowers by putting them out on the windowsill in front of a superbly reflective window.

spirit of spring

Thank you for sharing them, whoever you are.

12 Replies to “Playing with the moon”

  1. Yes, I can imagine you trying to get the shots! You are probably on you tube somewhere with someone having decided your photographic attempts were interesting, if puzzling, material to record.

    Great pics.

  2. Gordon! Of *course* I remember you 🙂

    So glad you think the pics are interesting. I think I’m going to print off the top one, get it framed and give it to a friend as a birthday present. Maybe the cousin’s wedding present too.

  3. Fan-bloody-tastic! That moon caught in the branches. Are you sure you didn’t do some photoshoppery sleight of hand to achieve this? Whatever, it’s beautiful.

  4. Merci!

    Photoshoppery? me?? Yes, the b&w one went through photoshop and had the colour removed etc but no, there’s no trickery, that really was the moon and those really were the branches.

    On the other hand since deciding to print it much photoshoppery has had to be employed to rid the picture of noise to make it viable at A4 size.

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