Communication breakdown

last legs

Some people have tried to comment and can’t. Whilst this blog is not a throbbing hub of sparking dialogue I do like it when people comment and it’s distressing to learn that there appears to be an obstacle.

This seems to be a problem encountered by other WordPress users and I suspect might be related to the coComment enhancer plugin I’m using. I’m deactivating the plugin to see if that addresses the problem.

So, um, (the standard question for checking everything works before recording an interview) what did you have for breakfast? Or alternatively we could discuss the extraordinary beauty of dying tulips. Below is a crop of the picture above to illustrate this point.

last toes

Less welcome would be comments about the quantity of dust on my kitchen table. Or the dead pixel in the picture.

12 Replies to “Communication breakdown”

  1. I was about to disclose the digestibles that comprised breakfast when my eye strayed toward the comment above. Now I am so distracted by the terrifying notion that there are people — perhaps many of them! — who adore pictures that I can’t recall anything about my eating habits.

    Please accept instead my opinion regarding tulips: Living or dying, beautiful or homely, their presence in the northern hemisphere at this time of year is unwholesome.

    Be well!

  2. Co-comment sux.

    Coffee and an apple. Two fried eggs later: sunny-side up, with tarragon. My invariable routine.

  3. Disorientalia! what a great name. Sounds like my desk looks. I adore adoration however hard the tongue pronouncing it is being gnawed upon and I’m sorry it puts you off your food. Your comment about the seasonal appropriateness of tulips is much appreciated indeed.

    I’ve realised, rather belatedly, that of course anyone who can’t comment is unlikely to be able to report the fact by commenting. So here is my digital handle, disguised in the usual way:

    fluffspangle curlysignrepresentingat gmail polkadot com

    The above is going to be impenetrable by human as well as bot if the html thingies are left in.

  4. Oatmeal with cinnamon apples. And I meant to email you the other day because I couldn’t comment and of course I got distracted. Thank god for other, more directed people.

  5. That’s better! I thought it might have been something to do with the slide show with that astonishing bit of bark and as usual I assumed it was something I had to put right this end… and it was closing down my whole internet!
    Boiled egg with one slice wholemeal, one slice white.

  6. Oh good, I’m glad to be able to comment again after all the freeze-ups, and I worship and revere tulips ever since living with Regents Park on the doorstep. Err, muesli and banana, rye toast and peanut butter (hey, this is fun!)

  7. I had a Chelsea bun and four espressos. Secondborn refused to have a bun even when told it contained huge amounts of sugar and cinnamon, probably his two favourite things in the world. And the reason? He says he supports Arsenal and couldn’t possibly eat anything named after the unmentionable rival team. (Arsenal lost this evening and the gloom is palpable.)

    I think we’ve successfully established that it was the coComment plugin that was causing the trouble. I have no idea what it was supposed to be doing but whatever it was I’m obviously better off without it since it seems the name noComment would be more appropriate. I must curb my plugin enthusiasm.

  8. Cooked muesli with fruit, nuts, yoghurt (a new yoghurt I was urged to try by a friend, “European style”), gallons of tea with milk no sugar.

    I do love this drying tulip petal…

  9. God, the color on the last is incredible. Er, scrambled eggs, sausage, sourdough toast, coffee. Is that dust? I was taking it to be pollen.

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