Stone tower

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }
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stone tower, originally uploaded by turn toward the light.

This is testing the “blog this” facility from flickr.

The picture was taken on my recent holiday to the Island of Arran.

This is the drawback to this method of posting – tedious to make links. And I suppose the category will be set to the default.

I wonder what it will look like.

More things to do

No sooner have I find a solution to one challenge than more arise:

  • find a comment-closing plugin which works with wp 2.x;
  • do I mean, with the redirect, try to redirect anyone going to to seamlessly appear here? I think I do;
  • sort out the “about” page;
  • what is this php thing, and how does it work?
  • how do you make the pigeonholes (aka “categories”) appear in name order? or add the number of post in each category after the name? and suchlike funkadelia;

Oh, and I also wanted to see what two posts on the same date would look like.

Coming along nicely

It would seem that things are beginning to fall into place. On a mac, using firefox or safari at least. Currently I need to try to

  • move the Global Voices image in the right-hand sidebar down to be level with the tops of the right and middle bits;
  • work out how wide pictures can be without making the page too wide for some screens;
  • make firefox my default browser so I can utilize the funky html gui on the posting page which doesn’t show up in safari;
  • work out why the listening links are orange and not turquoise;
  • get a spell checker ideally for posting and commenting;
  • try to link the entire header on mouse-over (is there a spell checker here? it didn’t like “mouseover”) rather than just the blog name;
  • find out if the old blog database can be resuscitated and whether the old entries can therefore be imported;
  • try to redirect this blog url to

Uh… that’s it! Not too much to do then.