Stone tower

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stone tower, originally uploaded by turn toward the light.

This is testing the “blog this” facility from flickr.

The picture was taken on my recent holiday to the Island of Arran.

This is the drawback to this method of posting – tedious to make links. And I suppose the category will be set to the default.

I wonder what it will look like.

14 Replies to “Stone tower”

  1. This is a test comment.

    Damn. The font in the comment box looks nasty. Will I get comment notification? Will I get emoticons? 🙂

  2. Everything looks fine in Firefox on the PC (except for Courier font int he comment box just now), but as for Explorer on my PC, the photos are not loading, nor is the style sheet, so the site looks like a mess — but maybe it’s my “Exploder” settings that are doing this. I try not to use Explorer if I can help it!

  3. Hey, Her Frizziness is back! Welcome to WordPress! Nice looking theme. (I do have three-column envy, I admit it.)

    Your feed doesn’t appear to be updating in Bloglines yet (but you probably already know that). Have you checked to make sure you’re pinging properly?

  4. I pull it up in IE O.K., though it does look better in Firefox simply becasue the dots in the dotted lines are smaller (the same is true with my own blog).

  5. Thanks all… Maria, the IE problems should be slightly ameliorated now. Dave, are you wp too? if so how exciting. You must let me know of good plugins if you find any. The old fL feed doesn’t work because of the change of folder. The feed address for this site is

    This courier typeface is nasty. But I think I’ve done all I can do today. One thing at a time 😀

  6. Oh, look: it’s a party & everyone’s here! Everything looks okay on Firefox…I’m afraid I can’t share anything more technical than that.

  7. Just to say I’m reading you, it all looks fine and here’s a toast, with butter and jam, to your continued and indispensable blog presence.

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