There’s no RSS feed

There’s a rather unsatisfactory discussion of this lack here. Unsatisfactory because the late Vox allowed RSS subscription to private blogs with the clever addition of some form of verification in the feed URL.

Subscription is possible via email (there should be a link in the comment box) or through the dashboard thusly:

no rss

But like I say the posts here will probably mostly be navel-gazing and navelless content will probably be cross-posted to twistedrib so there won’t be much to miss.

And I’m annoyed now – having changed the notification email address from some random google account I have about my person to the recently acquired and (astonishingly to me) as yet unclaimed frizzyLogic version of the same I discover my comment avatar is no longer round, yellow, drugged-up and manically smiling with matching mad hair. It looks, at least the small version I see in the tool bar, like a puce pine tree with a tail. Humph.