A walled garden! Frolic frolic.

And while typing the above the door knocker rapped. A man who I thought was selling stuff assured me he was not. Instead he sorted out insulation for the loft space of the entire house – absolutely FREE!

Never have I been as cold as last winter, what with the heating off and snow and ice and such.

Hurrah, and again I say HURRAH!

5 Replies to “Hurrah!”

  1. And why isn’t it showing the cute comment thingies? something else to sort out. But yes, hurrah. I feel all chatty and sociable!

  2. Ah, there they are. It was the killer feature which persuaded me to disport in this arena – the fact that for whatever reason WordPress has decided that my (presumably random) avatar across sites should be a drugged-up yellow smiley with frizzy hair.

  3. You can change the default avatar styles by visiting the Discussion section of your dashboard. I think all four of the generated sytles randomly assign new avatars to a given email address. Of course, if you get a Gravatar, that will display instead, FWIW.

    One question I have is how we’ll know when you post, since you don’t have a working feed? Wouldn’t bother me if you just sent an email notice each time. I’ve checked the box below that says “send me site updates,” but I rather imagine that requires RSS to work. I guess I’ll find out.

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