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For anyone interested in art & or mental ill health or the incredible amazing collision of the two I can’t recommend highly enough the current exhibition at the Wellcome Collection called Bobby Baker’s Diary Drawings: Mental illness and me, 1997-2008.

So many incredible images, issues, hyoooj STUFF going on here. Superb. Would love to write more but keyboard doesn’t permit loquacity. (Is that a word? If not it should be.)

PS The picture is her representation of mindfulness meditation. Hope it’s legible at whatever size this (hugely cunning and clever) widget chooses to publish it.

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  1. Really wonderful exhibition! Highly, highly recommended. Thanks so much for drawing it to my attention.

  2. Wow, what a haunting image! I’m in town on Wednesday to meet up with a pal. With the Wellcome Collection in the Euston Road, I might just manage that.

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