The flesh and the net

Not only has the flesh been unwilling as well as the spirit feeble, now to further mitigate against any activity here we have swum through the net.

One of the many rather large-scale issues that has been occupying the horizon has been the prospect of major building work to the house which is now (one nervous breakdown later) actually taking place. As a result we’re not in it. We’re somewhere else entirely – all five of us – and while the alternative accommodation is a rather surreal but delightful bijou designer residence it lacks even a phone line never mind internet access.

I’m not sure how I’m going to manage without Ravelry. The need to browse yarns and patterns and drool over what everyone else is making is going to be too strong to keep me out of the occasional internet café. Perhaps while there I might post the odd picture of our current extraordinary surroundings.

6 Replies to “The flesh and the net”

  1. Wow. Talk about loops in the fabric of time, not to mention missed stitches. Good to hear your current accommodations are delightful, and best wishes for some miraculous wireless supplier nearby.

  2. Talk about weird timing. I was just looking at your Ravelry account *yesterday* to see if you’d posted anything recently. I hope you find cafe time. Miss your stitches and loops.


  3. It’s so good to see you posting again. Your alternate place sounds lovely, even without the internet — but oh dear, yes, I don’t know what I’d do without Ravelry either.

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