Selling out every day and crapping on my skills

Oh what a joy and a delight it is to sink into the depths of a sofa in the company of London’s knitting elite and run up a few rows of garter stitch (more on what will almost certainly be the best, but undoubtedly the randomest, baby blanket in the entire world in a later post I hope).

But I have sad and troubling news. According to Wikipedia (which, as we all know, is infallible) belonging to a group that stitches can be a thoroughly detrimental experience because of the dynamics of social order:

An example of this would be a person attempting to join a sewing team. If belonging to a group like this is very important to someone, they will be more likely to conform to the group’s norms, such as selling out every day, attending sewing circles, committing completely to the dirtiness and crapping on their skills outside of mandatory sessions or meetings in order to gain the groups trust and respect. In this case, the status that the group gives a person is more important than what they lose by descending to the group’s metroness.

I was wondering where I’d put my status. Obviously it’s not neglected under a pile of washing after all, it’s been lost during the descent to the group’s metroness.

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  1. Dude! Pretty soon you’ll all be knitting away next to the guillotine!
    Or knitting hats from sci-fi series…

    Hey! I wore my hat out for the first time, and a young woman at a coffee shop complimented it. She didn’t even know it was a Firefly hat, she just liked how bright and stripy it was.

    She’s a knitter (they’re metronessing everywhere), and she told me she thinks knitting is popular now because we are so technologically advanced, we’re cut off from using our hands to make things, and we miss that.
    She should write an entry in Wikipedia…

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