America, land of the free

Been looking at some extraordinary photographs the last couple of days. Like these

and these

The former are from the Pictures of the Year International website where many more fascinating features about, generally, the American underbelly can be found in the archives of the winners galleries in the Community Awareness Award category.

The latter is in a new(ish) online documentary photography magazine, vewd, “continuing the tradition of storytelling through a visual medium”.

I took some picutures in Chinatown today, out and about with Neha and the-boy-who-was-off-school-because-of-the-burst-water-main. They don’t tell a story.

(The new category, “black hole”, is derived from what my camera is called by the boys on the grounds that light goes in and, they claim, doesn’t come out.)

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  1. At this moment I presume it’s inside a swimming cap in a swimming pool since the water-main was mended and school was back today. It’s in the slideshow, at least for me it is. Only ones marked private to friends and family don’t appear in the slideshows, as far as I can work out. (They *all* have to wear swimming caps these days, whatever their gender and length of hair.)

  2. Thanks rosie. Come and visit!

    I would say so, dem, and so would they in (those vanishingly rare but occasional) moments of quiet reflection. It’s the hanging around and waiting while I fiddle about that drains the light out of their lives. 🙂

  3. I don’t believe for a second you ever had anything to do with draining light out of anything. Shed it. Radiated it. Frizzed it. Never drained it.

  4. Off topic:
    The Jayne hat you knitted me arrived today!
    I am frantic with joy.
    I have it on, though it’s a warm day here, and I can feel the balm of rest and delight soaking into my head.
    Ah, I’m getting calmer too… At first seeing the package I was like a terrier with a rat.
    Take deep breaths…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Oh, the post, yes: the Chinatown pix look just like where I used to live in Chicago–except for the background buildings.

    Re: Hotel Poverty: You know “American Pictures” by Danish photographer Jacob Holdt?

  5. I mean your pics, not the first two. What they evoke is one of my team’s conversation with a parent yesterday, explaining that if a child disclosed they were being harmed someone would have to be told. The parent said ‘we smoke crack under the table, and we have guns. Is that what you mean?’

  6. TG – you know, if I could do anything in the world I would want to take pictures that tell stories and as I wrote the post I thought particularly of you and your own recent post. What a story that would be. But then I thought about the red tape that would be involved (permissions being but the tip of the iceberg) and wilted somewhat.

    dem, you’re a doll 😀

    Fresca, you’re a hot-headed dame! I’m so pleased it pleases. Next stop – your blog to view pics of it in situ!!

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