Firefly fan friend F

Has a Jayne Cobb hat!

a human model

I’ve never seen Firefly and have no idea who Jayne Cobb is but I can follow a knitting pattern.

Since Fresca channels the dog (or is it the other way round?) and the dog managed to refrain from eating the yarn when it came through the letterbox (merely contenting herself with mangling the packaging and chomping a ball-band) I wanted the dog to model the hat but it was too big.

It took two days to knit – and would have been less if I hadn’t cast on far too many stitches and got all the way to the crown shaping before noticing. I then had to unravel the whole thing and start again. Duh!

The pom-pom was made using the finger-winding method which gave a fantastically scraggy result.

Now it’s back to the birthday socks (which seem to have become an annual tradition) for 2ndSon.

3 Replies to “Firefly fan friend F”

  1. What a fine hat!

    Firefly’s fantastic; I recommend it highly. There are only 14 episodes, of which only 11 were ever aired — the first four in the wrong order, which confused viewers and probably contributed to the series’ too-early demise. I adore it; it’s one of my favorite things to watch, any time. The characters are grand and the universe is rich and strange.

  2. The hat looks perfect–and I can’t believe it is done already! You sure are one whizz-bang knitter.

    I am going to sit by the mail slot like Maisy every day, poised with anticipation. And when it arrives, I am Never Taking It Off.

    Besides the pure pleasure of wearing it, doubled by it being a gift from you, I am looking forward to unknown “Browncoats” (Firefly fans–not a fascist organization!) commenting on it, on the bus, say, which I am sure they will.

    I laughed and laughed to see the photo of the hat sitting ON the dog. Like an odd saddlepack…
    Bless you , bless you, bless you.

    P.S. Firefly is a sci-fi Space Western about a bunch of scrappy terrier-like renegades. It’s kinda funny, kinda dark. Like, there are cannibals.

  3. Well I think I need to see this series.

    I attempted to persuade Maizy to wear the hat but she wouldn’t, not even for a biscuit. And I can’t say I entirely blame her since it engulfed her top half like a brightly-coloured knitted sack.

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