A typical pose

waiting for the post

Luckily the postman knows (and, incredible though this may seem, likes) her and never puts his fingers near the letterbox itself knowing that anything he inserts into the opening will be ripped away from the inside. Ferocious growling and rattling follows as the post is thoroughly shaken and savaged until pronounced dead and dropped on the carpet, usually in tatters.

The patch below the letterbox is where the paint on the inside of the door has been removed by her teeth.

4 Replies to “A typical pose”

  1. Well it is her job isnt it? She works just as hard as the postman.

    I like your new site. I have been wondering whether to move out of blogger but chronic laziness has set in. Tell me it was easy to set up, go on please do…

  2. Alternate title – Pre Post mortem?

    This is definitely one of my faves. I just love that it’s in B & W. Adds a certain -oh I don’t know- postmodern aspect.

    Maizy is such a character. I feel as though I know (and like) her too, though she had me right after the haircut incident a while back.

  3. dw – genius. I think I might have to employ you as headline writer. It’s in black and white because the colour of the carpet (cat-bile yellow) is so distractingly horrid. Also, I can confess down here in the comments, I actually “hoovered” it in photoshop… removed a dead leaf or two from the doormat. It took longer than using a vacuum would have done but that would have disturbed the dog.

    rosie – I’ve done it before and have a crack team of top technical advisors so it was easy. It wasn’t so straightforward the first time but it’s worth it if you like fiddling around and having lots of control over the appearance of your content.

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