Nature notes, aka antler-scratchingly fab

Last Friday we (spawn, dog and I) met up with Karen, Pete and Bernard in Richmond Park. Whilst there we came across this fine specimen of the resident red deer population. Since one of the benefits of a point-and-shoot over a DSLR is its video ability (unless of course you already own a Nikon D90) and since I’ve come to enjoy making 90″ videos of absolutely nothing happening at all I started filming.

The woofing and whining is, needless to say, Maizy. The toddler noises of excitement are Bernard. The voice of antler-envy is Pete’s.

Thus was born the neoPetelogism “antler-scratchingly”, an intensifier, I think you’ll agree, of delightfully descriptive power.

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  1. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they have to watch the video twice to work out what he’s talking about.

  2. i love your photos i scrolled down the whole thing just looking at your photos (i won’t over enthuse about the drying herbs) but i now see the value of photos and will be copying this tactic for my blog.

  3. Wow – magnificent creature.

    By putting ‘antler-scratchingly’ to work as a category you’re sure to get positively more bang for the buck.

  4. mario239303, many thanks.

    dw, I’m wiping morcels of semi-masticated almonds from keyboard and screen after an incident of involuntary spasm.

    Jean – ok then 🙂

  5. I want to be there when he practices with the reindeer-antler-headband you’re going to get him for Christmas.

    I wish to note that, as I type, some gorgeous potatoes from your allotment are reaching a boil on the way to becoming the mash component of bangers and mash.

    I shall report later on the reaction of the tasting panel.

  6. Little Maizy produces a wide variety of very loud and extremely irritating noises. Her piteous howling, for instance, is a firm favourite of all in the neighbourhood. I’ve always meant to record it. This shall give me additional impetus.

    Almost the funniest thing about looking at this video (for what could be funnier than the use of the word “deft”?) is Maizy’s startled and then furious reaction to the sound of herself barking. She does the head-on-one-side-then-the-other business trying to locate the source of the invading and obviously entirely hostile canine, then of course barks hysterically to ward off imminent attack.

    When we were camping on Arran last year she had several up-close and personal encounters with red deer which wandered across the campsite without showing the slightest respect to small dogs.

  7. Terriers seems to have quite a vocal range: I used to live with a terrier-mutt and his vocabulary increased with the years, until he sounded like a seal mimicing a human.
    I would practically die of delight to watch a vid of Maizy!

  8. I shall attempt to video Maizy in full voice but it might take a bit of doing. She’s usually at her most vocal in response to my absence. Perhaps I should get someone else to film her while I’m not there. Hmmm.

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