3 Replies to “More exciting than watching paint dry?”

  1. This looks like how I feel about living:
    on the one hand, a natural, innate, graceful rhythm.
    On the other hand the tension of “What’s that distrracting noise?”


  2. Thank you 🙂 The distracting noise is actually from a track on Lou Reed’s album Hudson River Wind Meditations, slightly stretched to fit (just because I could). So it’s the bucolic delight of Holy Island to the track of wind noise from the Hudson River.

  3. Ah, I thought it was airplanes or a tea kettle! (Maybe web compression did that?)
    Anyway, the way I heard it as a distraction reminds me of advice I read once on meditation:
    It’s best if we can learn to do it when we’re feeling well because taking it up once we’re ill is like trying to learn to meditate at a rock concert. Not, of course, impossible, just harder.

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