Photo fun

This evening (um, sort of yesterday now) Jean (re)drew my attention to photography community Utata and more specifically the projects it runs. I was utterly entranced by the most recent Iron Photographer (whatever that may mean) project, the parameters of which are as follows:
1 – something rubber
2 – something made with/from wire OR with sequins
3 – shot outside at night

I waited impatiently for night to fall since I happened to have about my person a ready-made wire-and-rubber object to which, for good measure, I attached a few sequins.

night rider

Needless to say more haste results in the proverbial lack of vitesse and I did everything arse over tits since I didn’t read most of the instructions. However I hope I’ve retrieved the situation as far as possible and won’t be ejected as a bungling neophyte.

So excited am I by Utata I’ve placed its bookmark in prime browser real-estate, right next to that of Ravelry which is without a doubt my top favourite social networking site (so far).

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  1. Oh yeah, Utata is a great community! Now I feel bad that I never thought to mention it. I just assume that you know more than I do about anything webby.

  2. Great! I think ‘Iron Photographer’ means, you know, grappling with the impossible challenges set…

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