5 Replies to “Genius”

  1. that’s extraordinary (he says typing very fast on his new keyboard). it’s almost upsetting to think how much time he or she spent doing that… was there a narrative… did we go from birth to death? i’m not sure…

  2. No caps key on your new keyboard? :-p

    I thought there was a narrative of sorts, albeit one which allows the viewer enormous latitude and I presume that, like so much art, even if the maker had a specific intention this does not rule out a multiplicity of readings. I thought about mankind, generations, resources, that sort of stuff.

    Yes, the time factor is slightly disturbing. And the planning… finding all the right surfaces and so on. A massive operation.

  3. Wow, fantastic! Made me feel everso slightly queasy, partly the action itself, partly wondering how on earth they did it…

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