One bruised petal

one bruised petal

This little flower has given me such pleasure. I picked it up from the pavement where it had been dropped, I am pretty sure, by a man who had just walked past with a huge bunch of flowers carefully tied up in paper and ribbons.

When I got home it put it in this little earthenware pot (which I also found abandoned on the street, some months ago) and it has been sitting on the kitchen table for more than a week.

You can just see, on the top petal at the back, a couple of lines of transparency in the colour where it was bruised. These are just as beautiful, I find, as the fine brush-strokes of pigment on the rest of the flower.

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  1. m-l, interesting you should say that. I had recently to gabble on a lot, rather unexpectedly and totally unprepared, about my pictures and it was very instructive because I came up with a whole spiel about being interested in the beauty of damage and imperfection, yadda yadda, blah blah. But actually true! I’m glad you think it is subtle 🙂 It’s such a cliché that I’m only putting it down here in the comments but truly such intense pleasure can come from such small, random and insignificant things.

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