she's taken to her bed

Maizy’s dudgeon is so high it needs breathing apparatus and might possibly never return to regular altitudes.

She has taken to her bed and is not budging. Even to attack the post. Since the bed is next to my desk I have to leave the house before her evil eye causes me spontaneously to combust.

9 Replies to “Dudgeon”

  1. I don’t blame her, poor thing. Just trying to be free and freaky, and her oppressive fascist parent hires some strangers to hold her down and cut her hair.

  2. Yikes.

    (I’m supposed to be going round there tomorrow, and LETTING MYSELF IN, if rr isn’t home yet… so if I’m never heard of again, I’ve been savaged by a cold and angry dog – I don’t think she’s mentioned that the temperature in London dropped by about 15 degrees just prior to Maizy being shorn. )

  3. TG… ha ha. NOT. Actually when her fur was long and shaggy some impertinent stranger had the temerity to suggest that I’d had my own frizz dyed to match Maizy’s.

    Jean, let me reassure you that she’s much more sanguine now. I shall leave out a treat for you to give her. She would do absolutely anything for food. She’ll love you.

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