Maizy is a cross breed

maizy does not think much of it

No, make that a FURIOUS breed.

She was shorn today of her long, shaggy and disreputable locks. She is now sleek, elegant, streamlined, smooth, glistening and velvety. And won’t look anyone in the eye.

shorn maizy 2

She’ll forget the trauma soon enough. And she’ll thank me when the hot weather returns. Er, if the hot weather returns.

Meanwhile I discover that having her claws clipped means she doesn’t click when walking on the wooden floors any more, which is rather a shame. It was such an expressive sound I could usually tell what sort of mood she was in just by her foot pawfalls.

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  1. Like a radical hair cut, it’s disconcerting. I’d be cross, too. And then get over it.

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