The gig and the battery

My battery’s running low and that of my camera totally died during the Joan As Police Woman gig. I’d expected this, charged up the spare (actually it was the spare in the camera, cheap, short life, swift death and generally not very satisfactory) but then rushed out leaving the reliable one still on the charger.

Can you imagine how frustrating it was to have merely to look at the beautiful images moving one after another in front of my eyes without being able to attempt to capture them? Well, it was difficult that’s for sure.

Too tired to process all the pics tonight, and still got yesterday’s trip with Neha to sort through, so here is a teaser to be going on with. Sort of head to toe without the head.


Those shoes are so utterly wonderful. I want several pairs in various colours. And the painless acquisition of the ability to walk in them.

JAPW is a trio. The bassist was introduced as the “enigmatic” Rainy Orteca (or was it “mysterious”?)

rainy orteca

And this is the drummer whose name I’ve forgotten and will find out tomorrow.


I’m really very pleased with some of the pictures.

5 Replies to “The gig and the battery”

  1. Quite right too, someone ought to be prepeared to pay you good money for these.

    I’m afraid I’m with Jean on the shoes though.

  2. Hahahahahahaha

    Those shoes are just totally tremendous. Believe me. Imagine them in shocking pink! or turquoise blue!! But you certainly have the right to remain unconverted. And the chances of my ever owning or indeed simply wearing anything even remotely similar are zero. Although in my youth, back in the day, I had a pair of similar proportions, but brogues. I loved them. But seldom wore them because of the inability to walk.

    I of course understated the photo pleasure level. It must have been very very slightly what it used to be like with film. Since the battery was dead I couldn’t go through them all on the train on the way back so I didn’t really know what, if anything, had worked. When I saw that one of Rainy Orteca come up on the computer screen last night I practically had kittens. It’s definitely the best one.

  3. Magical photographs, especially drummer behind brush. Imagine doing a gig in those shoes… So much for the visuals, how was the music??

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