The gig and the battery

My battery’s running low and that of my camera totally died during the Joan As Police Woman gig. I’d expected this, charged up the spare (actually it was the spare in the camera, cheap, short life, swift death and generally not very satisfactory) but then rushed out leaving the reliable one still on the charger.

Can you imagine how frustrating it was to have merely to look at the beautiful images moving one after another in front of my eyes without being able to attempt to capture them? Well, it was difficult that’s for sure.

Too tired to process all the pics tonight, and still got yesterday’s trip with Neha to sort through, so here is a teaser to be going on with. Sort of head to toe without the head.


Those shoes are so utterly wonderful. I want several pairs in various colours. And the painless acquisition of the ability to walk in them.

JAPW is a trio. The bassist was introduced as the “enigmatic” Rainy Orteca (or was it “mysterious”?)

rainy orteca

And this is the drummer whose name I’ve forgotten and will find out tomorrow.


I’m really very pleased with some of the pictures.

Saraswati has been good to us

The goddess of music could not better have bestowed her bounty. In each of her four hands she holds a ticket to this evening’s performance by Laura Marling in the iTunes Live London Sessions at the AIR Studios. Two are for Hg and two are for me.

Attentive readers will remember that Hg and I went to an earlier event of Laura Marling’s which turned out to be one of the best gigs ever. He videoed, I snapped.


Laura was joint first in Hg’s review of the music of 2007.

We both entered the draw for tickets to the iTunes recordings as soon as it was announced. You may well guess how chuffed we are to going. I’ll be taking my camera more in hope than anticipation of actually being able to employ it.

Now all I have to do is sort out some rather complicated childcare arrangements.