The sock family.

My father looks as though he has elephantiasis because his sock was retrieved from the laundry basket and he insisted on putting it on over the thick one he was already wearing.

FirstSpawn’s sock has a huge hole under the heel (not visible in this picture) because he’s been wearing it almost constantly since he got it, half the time sliding around on wooden floors without shoes on. He has ordered me to darn it. I have ordered him to take more care of it.

The next sockage will be long ones for my father probably based on this golf hose pattern which dates from when he was two years old.

It is, in our collective experience, quite true that hand-knitted socks are warmer and more comfortable than shop bought.

4 Replies to “Sockage”

  1. What a lovely thing, to have made all those feet cosy – including your own. Like a lovely knitted form of metta meditation: may we be warm, may we be cosy, may we be comforted.

  2. Merci 🙂 Jean, I actually have a book of “Buddhist knitting” which contains a lovely pattern for socks in dk wool, plain except for a contrasting knot motif which are described as “ideal for walking meditation”. You already know my contention that knitting is a highly mindful activity. The products too can be wonderful. I think I shall use your phrase above as a knitting mantra.

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