3 Replies to “links for 2008-04-13”

  1. I didn’t really want to look at these portraits, knowing they would remind me of my mother’s death, but I did. They’re incredibly powerful. What moved me especially was the interview in the Guardian where the photographers explain that the subjects complained that no one close to them would really acknowledge what was happening, and that this was terribly isolating; they were grateful to the photographers for not flinching. If there’s a message to the living, it’s that we must learn to face death and help others make that passage. Thanks for this link.

  2. I saw this article too. And was most struck by the same thing as Beth. Will definitely be going to the exhibition.

  3. Yes. Also the living, in my experience. After my brother died I became very weary of being treated as though I had some terrible disfiguring condition which should not, under any circumstances, be mentioned. Acknowledgement. And non-judgemental being with. I thought especially of you, Beth. 🙂

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