In passing

I have one spawn, or another, or both, about the place for the next month or so due to their mismatched school holidays. This may lead to diminished bloggage. Or may not.

I’ve unhobbled the rss feed entries on the basis that regular readers aren’t ad-clickers and therefore forcing them to come to the site is needless. Googlenauts don’t appear to click on ads either.

Why aren’t my daily delicious links plopping into daily blog entries in their previously seamlessly automated fashion, I ask myself. And I don’t have an answer.

The exciting ICA speed dating (next month) appears, it has been pointed out to me, to have only attracted female participants. Which is fortunate, possibly. When informed that I was attending such an event the spawn informed me that I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. Maizy has not vouchsafed her opinion on the matter but is generally thought to be similarly hostile. Mario’s brain is too small to contain anything as complex as an opinion. Or even a passing thought.

In light of the above my decision to provide myself with an iPod Touch is entirely justifiable as a non-disappointing birthday gift to self. Far from being disappointing it’s exceeded expectations and is deeply shiny. I can even carry around pdf knitting patterns on it. Just one small quibble so far – why aren’t different calendars displayed in their different colours? Part of the reason for getting one was the seamless calendar syncing with the desktop and thus keeping track of the two spawn’s different school timetables and social lives as well as my own vestigial appointments. On the Mac we each have a different coloured calendar. On the Touch all entries appear as grey and, furthermore, don’t specify anywhere to which calendar they belong. Why, I wonder, enable multiple calendar syncing in such a useless fashion.

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  1. I hear Touch owners can’t get their iCal to-do lists on it yet, either. I hope they release a software upgrade soon.

  2. “I’ve unhobbled the rss feed entries”
    Thank you!

    “the spawn informed me that I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend”
    Selfish brats. I’d read ’em the riot act if I were you.

  3. Thank you for unhobbling 🙂 Makes it much easier.

    Re: the delicious links – I’m having the same problem and someone else mentioned it on Twitter yesterday so I’m guessing it’s a problem their end.

  4. Peter, you’re right about to-dos, but I’m more of a to-dont so it’s not a problem for me. I see from my research on jailbreaking that there’s a third-party application that sorts that out.

    Pete, Pewari, I still have no answer to the delicious riddle. I note other people whose blogs I read are having their links delivered in the usual fashion. They tend to be in the States. Don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it. Seems unlikely.

  5. Mario tells me that the bf idea is totally cool with him as long as he brings sardines, so take no notice of the others.

    I used to try to click on your ads when I came, but time is a factor… sorry.

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