A week (or so) in pictures

I keep forgetting my camera and then forgetting I’ve taken pictures on my phone instead. Here are some I discovered earlier.

birthday lunch

Birthday lunch at Cubana.

idli sambar (another birthday meal)

Another birthdayish meal, this time the long-lusted-for idli sambar at the haunt of my student youth Diwani Bhel Poori House. Their card machine wasn’t working, it was cash only, but they gave me half a free lassi since I didn’t have enough. Absolutely scrumptious and well worth the wait.

for acb (double impaling)

The single became double and then both disappeared overnight.

taking a bow

I like this elegant creature all the more for its not being all over my jacket.

big hips

One of the blustrous sunny days.

This is all displacement activity from actually printing out a completely different picture. But I must now bite the bullet.

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