mirrored windows

I may not have a van any more, but I can still get a mobile mainline fix thanks to visiting my friend’s newly-acquired airstream!

there's rivets...

Or, as she puts it, “play in the Wendy house“.


That’s the oven door.

We went down to its current mooring (for it is a land yacht after all) in the east end of London to check out the leaks, zap the mould, measure the windows and beds and perform other vital Wendy house-building activities. Oh the joy of it, the fixtures and fittings, cupboards and crannies.

With such a shiny subject I was, of course, in snapper’s paradise.

3 Replies to “Airstreaming”

  1. I’ve always wanted an Airstream – probably the only cool caravan with it’s lovely expanses of shiny aluminium. It just needs a few accents of carbon fiber to make it perfect!

    [Your recent comments are giving an error at the moment btw.. (for me anyway)].

  2. Ooops! Un-reactivated plugin after wordpress automatic upgrade, it would appear. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Yes, it’s true. Airstreams are the sexiest caravans in the world. Not sure where the carbon fiber would go but I’m sure it’s the only conceivable improvement.

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