Shaggy not-dog story

He appeared, or rather his hair did, in my peripheral vision as I waited to board the train. A great spiky halo of vibrance, coiled clumps zinging in all directions around a golden-skinned face with huge velvety brown eyes. Gentle eyes. A tall man, six foot or more. A tan overcoat and a canvas shoulder bag.

“God you’re gorgeous” I thought as I very deliberately plopped myself down in the seat opposite. Just so I had something beautiful to glance at between rows of the sock, you understand. But without being observed, naturally.

I smiled as I (kfb, k8, dd, k8, kfb)x4. What, I wondered, would this beautiful creature think if he realised that the ill-kempt middle-aged woman crouched over a tangle of small pointy sticks was licking his lips with her eyes.

Amusement made me incautious. I looked up, smiling, and… he smiled at me!

Not a condescending nor superior smile, neither a fleeting nor flirtatious smile but an open, engaged, luminescent eye-crinkler of a smile.

I was suffused with an inner glow. Suffused, I tell you. I sat thinking how it had made my week, possibly even my month. And if that latter was the case then also my year.

I also thought about how I needed to get out more. And that, if I did get out, I needed to do more knitting and less eyes-closed meditation on public transport.

8 Replies to “Shaggy not-dog story”

  1. That’s such a great brief encounter! I wish you’d been able to take a photo of this apparition. You know the column (is it in the Evening Standard?) where people leave messages for strangers they’ve glimpsed on the bus or tube etc. asking them to get in touch? Maybe you could leave a message there, saying you were that knitting woman who smiled and you’re a portrait photographer and you want him to sit for his portrait. Why not?

    Meanwhile, I’m soliciting people to join my multiple personality project and I definitely want you in it – are you ready?

  2. Neha – of course! I shall mail you.

    Natalie – I’ve watched your video with huge pleasure and admiration and read your multiple personality project proposal with great interest. It’s prompted a lot of thought. I just don’t have anything within me to contribute, and wonder why that might be. I’m going to have to pass on this one, I’m afraid, but I shall watch it unfold from the sidelines.

    Dale – you obviously haven’t spent much time on public transport in London. Passengers have a world-beating reputation for a rigid adherence to the code of non-interaction.

  3. Well, you must come to Portland, then, where people will respond to that luminous smile by glowing all over themselves and becoming flustered and happy.

  4. Well, okay. But I am positive that behind that frizz are lurking several other luminous personages waiting for permission to show themselves.

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