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  1. The people who think there is something wrong with the film don’t know where the real enemies are. I enjoyed the film thoroughly.

    But whaddoo I know, I’m just a rural parson.

  2. Felix thought it was — well, the polite term would be spooge — for what his opinion is worth. That’s good enough for me. Of course this was partly because the anti-catholicism of the books had been so completely turned down. Yes, I know the magisterium is based in Geneva, but the imagery is based on traditional anti-Catholicism. The thought of a genuinely Calvinist magisterium should frighten anyone who has read the Crucible. But I loved the first book, and thought the third was pretentious and overblown. If we can change your daemon, rr, I will see if I can turn you into a cat.

  3. Well, I tried. But I am only asked to saywhether I think you are modest. I thought there would be more questions. I wonder if they all go into the marketing database somewhere, and you atart getting lots of stuff from L’Oreal, because you’re worth it …

  4. acb, I had to look that word up. I had never, er, come across it before. Where do you acquire such vocabulary? Did Felix introduce you to the term in the course of his review? And, more importantly, will Scrabulous allow me to use it? I am already a cat, thank you very much, a rather beautiful one at that. Are you outrageously trying to suggest that I am not modest? Good thing it doesn’t work then.

    TG, the review I was thinking of was written by Pluvialis and can be found here. She being, among large numbers of other things, a falconer comes to it with a particularly variegated perspective.

    SCV I’m not really sure what you’re driving at but then what would I know, I’m just a single parent scrounging the dole.

  5. I learned it from Stewart Brand’s son, on the Well, about ten years ago. I don’t know anyone who uses it on conversation, though there must be Americans who do, I suppose. But that makes it useful for filling out those irritating web forms that demand the name of your company: “Moose Spooge Communications” sounds just about credible to an English ear and it is such a delight to get junk mail so addressed.

  6. Ha ha.

    Was it you who turned me into a spider? I’m not sure what I think about being an arachnid.

  7. Rachel
    Long time. I’m in Joburg. Wanted to email you about something. What’s your address?
    Mine’s above.
    Very best – great blog!

  8. I don’t think I turned you into a spider. Today was the first time I managed to get the control to work, and it said that I agreed with your self assessment. You’re still a spider, though.

  9. The ocelot is back! Nobody touch that daemon! And thanks to whoever managed that. Ridiculous business. Never have I visited my own blog so frequently.

    I was wondering about spiders and Freud etc but then recalled that the daemon of a female is always male. So a male spider… creepy and sad or what.

  10. acb, that utterance is superb. I can’t call it a sentence, technically, can I, since it doesn’t have a verb? It’s the punctuation that’s a killer, above and beyond the subtle fnarr. A semi-colon *and* a colon in one short phrase. It would, possibly, be sad for the spider to be consumed. I’m trying to remember if there are any non-chordate daemons in the trilogy. An insect arachnid would seem to be perversely short-lived to be attached to a primate.

  11. I thought it was a snow leopard and I thought only lord whatsit had one of them. There are rare individuals whose daemons are the same sex as themselves, I forget who.

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