I wish life was like an escalator

A smooth, effortless upward progression. Like the groovy huge new one running silently up a wall inside the National Portrait Gallery. Conveying shiny happy people up to some invisible and unimaginable shiny happy land (called, apparently, the Tudor Gallery).

Or, even more appositely, like the one in the Natural History Museum Earth Galleries that takes one, an onlooker, through the story of the planet and its place in the universe and through the centre of the earth itself.

But, er, life just aint like an escalator.

And I’m fucking tired and fed up. Because at the moment it does not resemble an escalator in any respect what so ever. It is very closely akin to having to drag myself and the children and the animals up the side of Great Pyramid of Giza. Every single fucking day. After day. After day. After day.

The steps are too big for me to clamber comfortably. So imagine what it’s like for the children. I have physically to pull them up. And their stuff. And make sure the dog doesn’t run off. And the cat is keeping up.

And there is nobody to help. There is nobody to hold the children’s hands or carry a bag or call the dog. There is nobody to help with them, and there is nobody to help with me. Nobody to say well done or never mind. And I can’t generate the required levels of internal resources all by myself all the time.

So now I’m going back to bed.

I am not depressed. I’m just fucking exhausted.

10 Replies to “I wish life was like an escalator”

  1. Ah, it is exactly like an escalator, but sometimes we unaccountably find ourselves going up the down escalator…

    Lots of love and hugs. I hope you had a rest.

  2. I can’t say never mind; but I reckon everyone who reads this thinks you’re doing well: really astonishingly well, in your ascent of the great pyramid, animals and children hanging off you as you scramble up. I certainly admire it. On the other hand I refuse to hug you in a comment box. There are some things a gentleman cannot do.

  3. Thanks for the tea and sympathy and hugs and non-hugs. All most restorative and yes, today is another day *and* it’s a sunny one!

    Jean, both your comments cracked me up. I’m impressed by my obvious unconscious athletic ability in vaulting from one to the other since the up and the down are usually separated by some concrete stairs. Re the ads – I quite like the concept of “smart escalator cleaning” and am grateful that there’s nothing about smart-alec mouth-soaping given the lamentable state of my language. But yes, it’s tiresome to discover that the optimistic declaration “I am not depressed” garners the offer a herbal cure for schizophrenia. Sigh.

  4. I get “elevator accident expert,” “escalator China,” and “spiritual truth.”

    Hope things feel more manageable tomorrow.

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