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  1. I’ve seen, tried and indeed used (elsewhere) plenty of CSS-based menus over the years, but that’s certainly one of the most sophisticated implementations. Thanks. This is now filed away in my “toolbox”. Interesting that it’s GRC too, who I know of old (have used their ShieldsUp on many occasions).

    And yay! Comments preview!

  2. I enjoyed that Beowulf review. A reference to ‘The Dream of the Rood’ wouldn’t have gone amiss when discussing the Christain /pagan hero dichotomy thing. My much lionised (by me anyway) 6th form English teacher used to say he wouldn’t read Tolkien’s fiction because he said it was too synthetic, so I didn’t for a long time. But as I later understood, Beowulf itself was very synthetic too.

    I’m quite looking forward to the film on the quiet, though it’d probably be better on Imax which haven’t been discovered here yet…

  3. Yes, I have a sneaking desire to see the film despite having read the review. The screenplay was co-written by Neil Gaiman who, despite his blog undeservedly having beaten Pepys Diary in a recent blog-popularity-voting contest, I still rate as an interesting writer. I haven’t read ‘The Dream of the Rood’ but your mention makes me think back to Gawain (which I have) and which might be interesting in this context too. There must have been a prolonged effort to fit the new Christian dimensions into the pagan model.

  4. Hg, yes, it looks like a really good CSS solution. And, as you know, you are to be thanked for the comments preview. Most useful 🙂

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