links for 2007-10-27

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  1. I for one think you would make a very fine Galadriel; I think gravitas is a more important quality in elves than winsomeness.
    Good luck with the knitting et al.

  2. Lisa Nave’s ‘Social Sustainability’ blog and website (your first link) look really great. I’ve bookmarked them and can’t wait to go back and explore.

  3. Krista – thanks for the link. Yes, Etsy is available in the UK. I’ve signed up for an account but not for a “shop” yet since I don’t have anything to sell and should really scope the market to see what’s likely to be bought.

    Lucy – thank you 🙂 I was, once, a very long time ago, described as “gamin”. However I was, once, a very long time ago, compared to Annie Lennox. So one shouldn’t put much store in such things. And frankly I no longer care whether I am junoesque or not. It’s best, in the long run, merely to be realistic about the amount of yarn one might require. Otherwise little else matters.

    Jean – yes. I thought it was an extremely interesting post but didn’t look much further. Thanks for encouraging me to do so.

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