Another pre-Austenesque WIP

And I think the last such distraction before I tackle the garment itself. This is a scarf for a friend. I haven’t used much Noro yarn before and it’s such a joy and a delight. This uses Silk Garden. (The Austenesque is also Noro… whee heee! but Kochoran.)

The yarn is already exciting enough – individually dyed in beautiful, subtle, surprising shades to produce a melange of extraordinarily hued stripes. But what makes this scarf so exciting (and at times slightly dismaying) is that it uses not one but three different colourways, each used to produce a stripe in sequence. So I have no idea what the scarf will look like and can only marvel (and be faintly worried about whether the recipient will like some of the combinations) as the yarns dance together, their shades changing together and individually, talking to each other in different and surprising ways.

When I originally chose the yarns I wanted the predominant effect to be blue but the outlet didn’t have what I wanted in stock. So I rechose with some reservation from a more limited range and am surprised to see that the predominant effect is… purple! Or at least so far. And sometimes the three different balls come up with almost exactly the same colour at the same time so under artificial light some of the stripes look wider than others. But the dye, as it were, is cast and we shall continue our conversation together, these yarns and I, until the scarf is finished.


I am soooo missing my camera. The colours on the above picture are all wrong – too strident for a start. Must have been the phone over-compensating for the very poor light. It’s also out of focus. Anyway it’s enough to give a sense, albeit not a good one, of the general thing. There are even worse upsettingly bad close-ups of different sections here, here and here. I do hope the camera is back from the menders before the scarf is finished and despatched so I can get a decent shot of it. It’s much more subtle-heathery-furzy that the distressingly bright and shiny pictures suggest.

This is another gem from the fantabulous b r o o k l y n t w e e d which I originally came across when going through his flickr pictures and, in common with the other patterns he provides, if you search for the right tags you can find pictures of other people’s versions on flickr from which the astonishing power of the yarns used in combination can be seen. One thing is for sure, it’s very unlikely that there are two identical such scarves anywhere in the world. And of course this one will almost inevitably end up with some of my hairs knitted into it since they get everywhere.

It’s such a wonderful feeling knitting for other people. A profoundly mindful activity full of love. Highly tactile, since each inch of thread passes through your fingers as it journeys to become fabric, and that fabric will in turn touch and warm the recipient. And to see such warming in action (although I’m informed he pulls them off very quickly) check out Bernard in his mittens! aaaaaaaaaaw.

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  1. I can imagine it’s frustratoing that the cameraphone doesn’t show the colours right, but it’s still really gorgeous!

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