Ooooh Skitchy!


Uploaded with Skitch!

Not itchy, Skitchy! like shiny and sketchy! I take a lot of screen grabs and only ever use shift-command-4. Never have got the hang of any of those complicated screenshot thingies. I downloaded one once and it was so complicated I couldn’t even work out how to do the most basic things with it. This really appeals because of the kind Aussie who gives me a personal three-minute video tutorial and because I can do childish things like drawing multi-coloured facial hair on pictures of people I don’t like.

The fuzziness of the image above is my fault, I made it smaller (thus degrading the quality) thinking it would be displayed at those dimensions whereas the above is a thumbnail (adding another layer of quality degradation to the mix) linking back to the original on my Skitch page.

Also, to be vaguely serious for a moment, it’s another possible tool in the armoury of steganography as a freedom of information tool (a great word I only came across the other day in this Slashdot post which discusses whether bad people are using the technique).

My broken tooth is beginning to hurt. I’m about to administer whiskey.